Wednesday, February 2, 2011


oke,my latest post was kind of emo a bit..
haha,well dat's typical..
sometimes we feel happy,sometimes we feel emotional,dat's juz da way of life..

i want to write dis down in case i might forget about it someday..
today i went to mcD with miss yana n half of B2 members,right away after biology tutorial at lab..
after finishing the word search made by miss yana,half of the class went to mcD with miss.

indeed we all have that moment,we feel so inseparable.
well,we've all been together for 2 semester..
kind of pity that we have to separate soon..
well,that's the way of life.
wani n ezmil kecik!!

ak ezmil n wani punye..huha
surely gonna miss these moments!!!

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