Sunday, February 27, 2011

keep on moving babe!!!

i'm totally s*** in physics!!
i'm totally slow when it comes to calculations..
but eventhough i hate physics,still i try to memorize all the formulas to help me calculate all those calculations...
eventhough those questions are very confusing,i still push myself to try..
eventhough i dont understand everything about it,i still try to finish all the tutorials..
at least i try...
A for physics is impossible as it may seems to me...
but i've got to fight for everything...
trying is not illegal,it's a must..
and for this case,i wont stop trying..
i wont GIVE UP!!!!


miss nureen said...

go go go abang^^

ku syera said...

thanx ayang..
even soklan seng tadi,still ase cam xleh wat..
xde future lam physics ni..