Sunday, February 6, 2011


recently i've been wondering how long does it gonna take for me to control this habit???
uuuhhh,certainly i juz cant get hold of it...
whenever i'm hungry,i'll eat!!
whenever i feel like i want to eat,i'll eat!!
whenever i feel full but having the desire of wanting to eat,i'll eat!!

do i stockpile all those food in my stomach FOR FUTURE PURPOSE???
well here's the deal,i eat becoz i love my stomach n i dont like to hurt it..
whenever it starts to grumble,automatically i'll find something to eat even juz a bit..
n i figured maybe it's bcoz of the routine during  high school..
back then in high school,i always eat n eat n eat.
but my body didnt grow bigger n dat's bcoz i always walk around everyday..

but here at palam,i got the batu cave stairs,but still i guess it wasnt enough to maintain my shape..
well,that was a relief actually..
my real intention is that i want to grow BIGGER!!!HAHAHAHA
i dont noe why but i do want to grow bigger XD
n today ili said that i look much more bigger,well dat means i gained my weight of course.
n indeed i feel like my body is heavier than before..

another reason why i always eat here is becoz i'm soOoOo HAPPY being in here!!
well,i hope u guys noticed that it is juz a sarcasm..
that 'happy' means TENSION,STRESSED!!!!!!
when i'm STRESSED,i'll eat!!
n dat's usual 4 me coz food makes me feel better...
definitely most of money was spent on food..
my parents know that so they always ask me to eat whenever i'm hungry..
hihi,well i always got a green light from them when it comes to food!!
p/s:someday i think i have to marry a rich guy so that my kitchen will be full with food!!hahahaha XD


miss nureen said...

gote dh wey. bo bo lahh
nyesa kei
nk ko supo ak??

syashafie said...

HAHA . amek mark laa . rich man with a fatty girl :PP

ku syera said...

xtau la,msih dlm ptimbangan..hahah

ku syera said...