Friday, February 11, 2011

Budak Gempak

when heart speaks,
it never lie,
it never hide anything,
n it cry if no one were there to hear it...
anyone who hear it,would know how much it wants to be heard..
this fragile heart really wants to cry more n say this,
it has been awhile i've been hiding this from u,
that i really miss u BUDAK GEMPAK!!!

u're the only guy who really understand me,a friend who were always there for me,
a GREAT friend...
but u're so far away now,
n your girl didnt like me at all,
well that's jealousy,i can't help it,

hey girl,i dont want your boy,he's juz a friend of mine,pleeezzz accept dat!!!
i already got someone else in my heart,dont bother worrying that i'll take him away from u,coz that's NEVER gonna happen!!!

i only have to wait for another 4 years for u to come home to mlysia..
so that i can see you again,and the others too..
i'm always scared to contact u,scared she'll know n mad at u..
well.i'll juz wait for u to buzz me first...
someday,i hope u will.....
got so many things to tell u....

n i guess it would be comfortable to remain silent n broken inside so that she'll never got hurt becoz of me..
if this was a movie,u would be here by now..
i miss u budak gempak T__T


miss nureen said...

grammar2... hee XD

ku syera said...

ak tau,grammar ak bkarat da..nk practice balik ni,slow2