Monday, January 31, 2011

come on!!

u said nothing can change ur  feelings..
so let's see how long u can stand this..
it's only a matter of time..
i got something that will bring u alive..
so dont stop running boy
u can never make it right if u dont try hard..
i dont need to cause pressure..

but somehow i cant just let u go on while u're living this lie..
juz let it out,your cover will blow sooner or later..
well,it's juz not my style to let this pass me by..
don freak out,juz breath n do it n say it!!
if u dont,u'll lose her forever!!
juz tell her how u feel dude!!

oh boy,this is the reality of life n u juz cant go on like this!!

1 comment:

Areleiou said...

ada entry pasal benda errr lebih kurang macam ni. haha. usha la kalau nak.