Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hari ini ak nk cite sal sorg laki ni,hehehehe...

             The first time I laid my eyes on him,I knew I've seen him somewhere before..n my instinct was right,he's da guy who add me on fb n happened to be one of my friend's classmate in their highschool.. It's a boy school,n I was in a girl school too before..
now I'm in a new world with boys in class,basically it's kinda new thing for me..okey back to that guy,I cant tell his name.but I'll regard him as boy A…
boy A is very nice,he treated me nicely..but there's something inside me dat stopping me from being too close to him..what is it??jeng jeng jeng..hihi.

Oke,here's da story..
before I came here,I had a crush on his friend.let's call him boy B..boy B told me he likes me too..and so we get along very well..before I came here,he told me to wait for him,he told me he want me and so on..
but I knew I cant put too much hope coz I'm scared..but still inside my heart I still want him to be with me..i didn’t even know why I became so stupid by believing all those promises..
eventually,I knew something terribly shocking from his other friend,boy C,which is one of my close friend..
something happened and boy B asked boy C to tell me to stop waiting for him coz he can't go on with this anymore…….
and of course there's a story behind all these(too many lies,I hate to talk about it).i cursed myself as well as my fate for trusting him all the way..but what makes me hate him so much is that he never  faced me afterwards..
i want to hear everything from him but I guess he didn't have the guts to tell me on his own.so I regard him as a pathetic boy after that because of his behaviour.
surprisingly after he left me heartbroken,he went to other girl..and when I asked him who is she,he said that he don't have any..hello!!!!it's obvious u moron!!!

After  the heartbroken part,I promise myself not to trust boys anymore n scared to go on with another relationship…but…when I came here,life in university is very different..
boy A became close to me..i don’t know why I let him in..
he makes me feel so comfortable being his friend..
But  1 day,I found out that he likes me…wuuu,ntah nape ak rase happy but at da same time ak takut coz of  experience with boy B haunting me..huh

Boy A tau ak pnah bsama ngan boy B,tp die still leh trima ak..ak confused,but directly I rejected him..tp bkn reject ngan truk,ak juz ckp ak xde hati kt sape2 time 2 n ak xnak go on with another relationship coz ak takut bnda same akn tjadi….
bnyk la jgk pkara sweet tjadi antara kitorang,but still I couldn't accept him until now….

tp kwn ak,girl A n girl B,ckp yg he is da only exception..but I have sworn to myself that I'm contented with loneliness n dat is life without boys…even now,he's still waiting,but not hoping too much from me coz I told him not to…
but recently,ak tibe2 sedar yg slame ni ade org yg syg ak n btol2 ikhlas,mybe bcoz before this pndangan ak thadap boys da jadi laen dsebabkan boy B..

i wish I knew from da beginning dat boy A was not like boy B..
boy A is much nicer n very passive actually...very moderate,xlebih2..tau batas n limit,juz like da way I want it to be…
n there's something I want to tell you boy A,I'm always enchanting to meet u..hihi.
Btw,he really loves taylor swift!!..

Boy A,I want to apologize for any wrongdoings coz I think I hurted u but I juz don't know when was it..pjalanan hidup masih pnjang,dis is only the beginning of our life…
I don't know how the future will be,unexpected things might happen…
I don't wanna take any risk for this case,coz I'm scared none of it would ever worth it..
but boy A,I love being your close friend..and I admit sometimes I do miss you,but I can't promise anything….boy A,thanx..  ^_^


ku syera said...

heeee ^_^

miss nureen said...

enchanting to meet him~~

cam tau je sape boy A tu!! ^_^

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melly said...

...mesti aq dop kenal...:(

miss nureen said...

melly knl!! hehe