Saturday, May 28, 2011

mama's treat!!!

yesterday my aunty,my uncle n my little cousin balqis went to england..approximately for two weeks..
hehe,early in the morning lagi kitoram dh bngun nk pegi anta diorg ke airport
kul 7stngah pon da ramai org kt airport tuss..
so hectic la i can say!!haha
si kecik nk ke england!!

n dsbabkan diorg xde kt umah slama 2weeks,i have to stay at their house with tokwan n my cousin,nabil..
so i have to cook every meal everyday..
this can be a class cooking with tokwan as the sensei..
dk umah tokwan ni satu dugaan gak,bnyk giler mknan..
emg umah ni leh jadi tmpat untk gain weight..ngeh3

n tonight..mama,my other aunt,brought us to pizza hut for a treat..
oyeah,pizza for the night!!!
emg kenyang giler,kompem berat naek..
well,wat to do..rezeki datang xleh dtolak..haha
6 org pegi mkn,sume meal yg dpesan abes dmakan..
fuh,puas ati!!!!

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