Thursday, April 21, 2011

before the dawn

because i listen to my heartbeat one by one

If I can’t get you, not matter how hard I try
You say you’re not the one
I feel like a beggar
I, I can’t let go like this, it’s suffocating
I don’t know what to do

Why, why… Why, why… Why, why…
Before the dawn, before the dawn
My feelings aren’t an obsession
Before the dawn, before the dawn
I want to grab you no matter what

Lips that whispered love, eyes that were closed
Dodge the hills, fly to my heart
I will be there by your side

Why, why… Why, why… Why, why…
Without noticing your shadow,
Maybe I’ll gradually grow crazy
(Because I listen to my heart beat one by one)
The view is dark in my eyes
Only you shine brightly
(Because I listen to my heart, heart, heart)

Before the dawn
Close your eye and close your mind
In your future that’s closed like a secret
I’ll protect you, I don’t want to let you go
At the end of the road, you must love
Before the dawn, before the dawn
I’ll hold you so that you can’t leave
I’ll retain you so that I won’t cry
No matter how much you discard me or block me
I’ll never let you go

lyric emg jiwang,but the only reason ak suke lagu ni sbab music die bez n catchy plus dance diorg cool!!!

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