Friday, March 18, 2011

the end??

sorry coz i couldnt make any of your wishes come true,i don think i'll ever make it..
even if someday my heart will be opened,i don think it's gonna happen..
coz everytime i look at you,u alwys remind me of that pathetic boy..make me scared..
so everytime i try to like you more,the vision of that pathetic boy will always surround me..
maybe bcoz u're his fren...i don noe...
i'm sorry..
i don noe wat to say...

u're a nice guy,u'll meet someone better than me..
i'm not that good for you,trust me i don think i am..

thanx for the hazel chocy,love it!!!
sorry i couldnt give u anything for a remembrance,i already told myself not to give boys presents for now..
well,there's a reason for that..
thanx 4 everything,u've been a really nice companion...
but not for long..
sayang kamu wahai kawanku

p/s : ain ayang give me a present,thanx babe!!!love u la <3 !!!!

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